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DNA Publishing House, Fundação Norina Nowill
In Braille and enlarged typeface - 72 pag - 22 x 28 cm - with a CD
Illustrated by Caíque PL
Recommended for children up to 7

Boto, a magic creature, lives in the river. He can turn into a man and go to parties, where he drinks a lot and dance with the most beautiful girl he finds. But in this story, Tainá proves how clever she is and doesn't accept to be just another girl for him.


Fundação Dorina Nowill for the blind
In Braille and enlarged typeface - 80 pp - 23 x 28
Illustrated by Flávio Brandão
Recommended for children up to 8

The famous story about Rapunzel, the girl with long hair who was stole from her parents by an awful witch and lived like a prisoner in a tower without doors and windows is here told by Regina Drummond in a funny way. The nice illustrations by Flávio Brandão make this book really wonderful. It is followed by a CD.


Fundação Dorina Nowill for the blind, together with AEILIJ
In Braille and enlarged typeface – 36 pp – 20 x 21

Different from the other giraffes, Máris was hairy, had red spots on the fur, an inelegant walk and short neck. She suffered a lot with these things until she noticed that beauty only exists in the eyes of the ones who see us; and, also, that a detail out of common pattern can become very special.


AUDIOLIVRO Publishing House - in CD
Recommended for children up to 8

Children can listen to the stories from Andersen's Fairy Tales narrated by Regina Drummond. The text was rewritten in a modern style, adjusted in a way that young readers will be able to appreciate the beauty of the Fairy Tales from the man which is considered to be the father of the literature for children.

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