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Author of many books, story-teller and translator, Regina Drummond has been developing for years projects to stimulate the pleasure of reading and events for teachers and students with lectures, pedagogical workshops, stories narratives and shows, beyond that she also participates in International and Brazilian Book Fairs.

She coordinated the Kids Activities Room at the International Book Fair in São Paulo since its opening in 1992 until 1999 when she moved to Germany. She'd already told stories on radio programs and TV Shows. She is a playwriter as well and she acted in some of her plays.

Regina Drummond was born in Minas Gerais and graduated as bachelor of Arts. She speaks English, French and German. Nowadays she lives in Munich, Germany but she always travels to Brazil to fulfil a busy calendar.

Her works have been awarded with outstanding prizes such as four labels "Acervo Básico" and one "Altamente Recomendável" from the Brazilian Session of the International Board on Books for Young People as an author, and the "Jabuti Prize", from the Brazilian Book Chamber, as publisher.


I was born in Minas Gerais, within a literary's family that has given many important writers to Brazil like Carlos Drummond de Andrade, the most famous. Since my childhood, my dream was to become a writer.

I had the pleasure of meeting many authors and usually became angry when I couldn't talk to them, so another passion was borned: foreign languages. For me there's nothing more exciting than being in another country and be able to watch TV, read the newspapers and talk to people!

I started my career in the same way that other writers started: writing to myself. When I showed my work to my family, teachers and friends, they've encouraged me, telling me that I was born to be a writer. When I was twenty, a small publishing house published my first book that nowadays flies at the Melhoramentos Publishing House wings: "Raphael, the little bird".

After having a son and a daughter, and a divorce, I married a german. Today I live in Munich where I work at my computer, writing, translating and researching. Twice a year I travel to Brazil to sign my books and talk to my readers. I'm always participating in book fairs and events either brazilian or international ones. I travel a lot and love this opportunity life gave me to meet new people, new places and different life styles.

What I like the most in this job and enlights my heart is to think I can help my readers to rethink their own lives (by seeing how is possible to change what they dislike, overcoming obstacles and learning to accept what is above them) and have the feeling that I'm helping them, in some way, to become happiers - even if I'm giving them only a few moments of joy and entertainment! This is a simple repay from all the joy, happiness and entertainment books offer me!

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